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(working title)

performance for theatres, in development

We are making a new duet looking at uncertainty, prediction and prophecy, and other orientations towards the future. We are researching different ways of predicting the future, from divination to weather forecasting and financial futures. We are working with movement improvisation as a form of simultaneous prediction and manifestation, ushering the future into the present moment by moment.​ We are working sporadically. 

This piece might be used to predict the future, or it may be made of prediction.

We are also interested in caves and speleology, chalk circles and hermits. These are things which might find their way into the work as well, or an accompanying work.


The development of All the Barometers in the World has been supported by NDT Broadgate.


Conceived and performed by Clara Potter-Sweet and Ben Kulvichit

Dramaturgy Nat Norland

Artistic support Charlie Ashwell

Photos Tamsin Drury

Previous dates:

01 October 2022 / Emergency at Contact, Manchester [work-in-progress]

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