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performance, 15 mins, 2018

We were invited to create a short piece of 'playful performance' for Beta Public, a night of video games and performance at Camden People's Theatre curated by Thomas Martin and Pat Ashe. We controlled the performance remotely, using telephones to relay text and instructions from outside of the theatre space to audience volunteers. They spoke alternately with our voices and with their own, accompanied by the asinine melancholy of on-hold jingles. Our interest in telephones carries over into our third full-length project, Something in Your Voice.

You Have Reached Emergency Chorus is suitable for mixed bill nights and festivals, or as a curtain raiser/support act.

Created by Clara Potter-Sweet and Ben Kulvichit

Additional text by Nat Norland

Previous dates:

24 November 2018 / Beta Public IX, Camden People's Theatre

14 May 2019 / BBC R+D, London (invited audience)

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