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Emergency Chorus is an award-winning experimental theatre company. We make performances which explore the contemporary moment that we find ourselves living through.


We’re interested in the ways that we, as individuals, make sense of the world - the huge, complicated, beautiful, broken whole of it. How do we see ourselves in relation to the past, and how we might imagine our collective future? The individual, more aware than ever before that she is part of a global public, is faced at every moment with an impossibly difficult, yet mundane, question: how do I live in the world? This question is always at the centre of our work.


In our performances, we collide disparate source materials to create collages of music, choreography, text and images. We sample and juxtapose things in unexpected ways. Sometimes our performances are loud, energetic and messy, and sometimes they are still, strange and beautiful. We make big theatrical gestures using limited resources. We want each of our shows to feel different to the last, and to challenge ourselves to imagine and make things for which we don’t yet have a roadmap.


We think of the audience as active agents in making meaning: the performance provides tools and materials, and the spectator builds the house. We believe that making and watching performance can provoke us (and by us, we mean both us and you) to feel more deeply, think more attentively, and do more decisively. We want our performances to linger in people’s memories. We value, above all, the liveness and specificity of an encounter with an audience.


Emergency Chorus was founded in 2017 whilst we were studying at university in the West Midlands, and we’re now based between London, Bristol and Coventry. We have made and toured two full length works which have been seen at venues including New Diorama, Theatr Clwyd, Warwick Arts Centre, Camden People’s Theatre and Lyric Hammersmith. We were a New Diorama Graduate Company for 2018-19, and were featured as one of The Guardian's '5 best young theatre companies' in 2018. We're also partnered with Staging Change, a theatre network encouraging sustainability in the arts.

We are: Clara Potter-Sweet and Ben Kulvichit (lead artists) and Emily Davis (producer), with associate artists Nat Norland (sound design + dramaturgy) and Ciara Shrager (lighting design + technical manager). Some more info about us below...


Clara Potter-Sweet is a London-born-bred-n-based theatre-maker and dramaturg. Past collaborators include: Anna Himali Howard, Barrel Organ, Ava Wong Davis and The Wardrobe Ensemble




Ben grew up in Bangkok, Thailand, and studied Theatre and Performance Studies at the University of Warwick. Outside of Emergency Chorus, he has worked with Jack Bradfield (Poltergeist Theatre), Daniel Bye and The Wardrobe Ensemble. His alter ego, Ben Kulvichit, is a critic/reviewer/writer-about-performance, and a co-editor of Exeunt Magazine.



Emily has produced for Emergency Chorus since 2017, moonlights as a fringe theatre producer for hire, and daylights as theatre administrator at Farnham Maltings. Her recent work outside of Emergency Chorus includes: i will still be whole (when you rip me in half) by Ava Wong Davies at VAULT Festival 2019, and the summer tour of No One is Coming to Save You by This Noise. She occasionally writes theatre criticism and thinks you should follow her on twitter @emilyrosannah


Nat is a London-based writer, director and composer, currently studying for an MA in Performance Design and Practice at Central Saint Martins.

Summary of career thus far in handy bulletpoint form: - Emergency Chorus composer and dramtaurg [see also heading]

- writer/director for theatre company why this sky

- worked with Joseph Morgan Schofield as composer

- studied maths once [quite good at abstract algebra and combinatorics]

- can play the flute

- prince of warm drones

- uncrowned king of bulletpoint lists




Since graduating from Warwick University in 2018, Ciara has found a way to make her hobby into an financially sustainable career. She is a freelance technical stage manager, and has recently worked with Chris Goode & Company (Mirabel), Tall Stories (Wilde Creatures; The Canterville Ghost) and Joana Nastari (F*ck You Pay Me). When she's not doing that, she loves to use her job as an excuse to take extravagant holidays, which she recently did by working at Adelaide Fringe. For Emergency Chorus, she selects nice colour palettes, points lights in the right direction and hopes for the best. So far, so good. Ciara and Clara will both respond to each other's names. We know it's confusing.