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performance for theatres, in development

Something In Your Voice is our third full-length theatre work. Our first piece for an ensemble, it explores themes of communication, intimacy and privacy in a networked age of algorithmic surveillance. Through a combination of text, movement, detailed sound design and structured improvisation, we are looking to address the ways we find ourselves entangled in each other’s lives and in the techno-capitalist structures under which we live.

Something in Your Voice is being developed with support from New Diorama, Cambridge Junction, Bristol Old Vic Ferment and Third Angel in association with Sheffield Theatres, with funding from Arts Council England.


Conceived and directed by Clara Potter-Sweet and Ben Kulvichit

Devised and performed by Clara Potter-Sweet, Ben Kulvichit, Emma Clark, Jemima Yong and Alex Roberts

Design Zo​ë Brennan

Sound design and dramaturgy Nat Norland

Artistic support Hannah Parsons, Alexander Kelly

Embedded critic Lily Levinson

Producer Emily Davis

Photos Chelsey Cliff

Previous dates:

4 February 2020 / Ferment Fortnight, Bristol Old Vic [work-in-progress]

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